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A Santa Clara County Court judge has ordered the parents of an autistic boy and two Sunnyvale couples who slapped a lawsuit against the child back to mediation. The case has shocked residents in the Bay Area with some of them terming the case as 'outrageous.'

Vidyut Gopal and Parul Agarwal's son has been accused of biting a woman, pulling children's hair and other menacing behavior. While the couple have moved out of their Sunnyvale house of seven years, they are still fighting a lawsuit.

Media Mahima had the opportunity to speak with one of the family friends of the couple. Speaking on the condition of anonymity the family friend said the Court admonished both the parties. The Judge added that adults should learn to resolve their conflicts. Both the parties will go for a mediation with another Judge in October.

The Judge also noted that the case is extremely sensitive since it involves the future of a child. Today's hearing was scheduled to decide on whether the neighbors had the right to access the boy's medical and school records. Since both the parties have agreed for a mediation, the boy's records will not be touched.

Commenting on the case the family friend of the couple added that, "This is a horrifying experience and sets a bad precedent for the future. It is a violation of civil rights." An earlier mediation between the two parties had failed. The friend also added that there could be some hidden agenda to this case.

The lawsuit filed by the neighbors alleges that the boy's disruptive behavior also created an "as-yet unquantified chilling effect on the otherwise 'hot' local real estate market."

The parents of the autistic boy are anxious and shaken by the legal case and would respect privacy for the moment.

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