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Michelle Obama brought the house down at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday, achieving the remarkable task of the unifying the Democratic party for a while. In her speech, she took a veiled shot at Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”. She said that the fact she was able to raise her two black daughters in the White House, a building constructed by slaves, was the best indication that America has never been greater. However, host of the hit Fox News show the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly, took issue with Obama’s comments. In an effort to debunk Obama’s assertion, O’Reilly alleged that the slaves who built the White House were, in fact, well paid and had quality lodgings. He immediately faced blowback from all sides. Historian Liam Hogan said that O’Reilly’s comments exactly mirrored the attitudes of pro-slavery interest groups before the practice was abolished. Other Democrats saw O’Reilly’s comments as an attempt to drag Obama’s speech through the mud and take away from what they believe was the best speech of the DNC.

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