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Even as Punjab has noted a rise in the number of hospitalisations since the onset of the third wave of infection, the proportion of infected persons requiring care at health facilities is far less than the count of patients admitted in hospitals during the devastating second wave last year.

As the fresh wave of infection that is believed to be caused by the Omicron variant is spreading more rapidly, health experts have warned that it is too early to conclude that the new variant is less virulent and fatal version of Covid than the other variants of concern. Omicron has so far been detected in 61 samples, the count of which is projected to rise manifold in coming weeks, replacing Delta as the most dominating lineage of Covid in Punjab.

In the first 11 days of 2022, the state recorded 25,089 cases, over 16 times higher than the collective number of 1,531 cases recorded in December, which was the highest monthly count since July last year when 3,495 patient’s had contracted the virus.

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