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Kamala Harris Is Seen As The Clear Front-Runner To Be Joe Biden's Running Mate

Senator Kamala Harris

California Sen. Kamala Harris topped a recent national poll asking respondents for their preferred running mate for Joe Biden.

More than a month before former Vice President Joe Biden's stated deadline for naming his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris is seen as the consensus front-runner to become Democrats' vice presidential nominee.

Speculation about running mates can be wrong, of course. Ultimately, the choice is Biden's and Biden's alone — just as it was Barack Obama's call to tap Biden in 2008.

But Harris is often the first name mentioned by Democrats inside and on the edge of the Biden campaign's orbit. She topped a recent national poll asking respondents for their preferred Biden running mate. And, for what it's worth, she's the runaway favorite on online betting sites.

That's all despite the fact that Harris' own presidential campaign was a disappointment, having never even made it to the Iowa caucuses.

Still, Harris allies see the first-term California senator and former state attorney general and San Francisco district attorney as bringing needed demographic balance to Biden's ticket. They also see her prosecutorial résumé as the ideal professional background in a political climate intensely focused on racial justice and policing, and her reputation as a sharp attack dog in Senate hearings as a key asset for a running mate.


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