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Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To 'Dismantle' Police Department

Call for Defunding MPD

Minneapolis, MN (WCCO) -- On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of people rallied at Powderhorn Park to call for more changes to the Minneapolis Police Department.

Nine out of 13 Minneapolis City Council members stood up on the stage to announce their intent to disband the city’s police department.

The announcement comes after council president Lisa Bender and member Jeremiah Ellison tweeted Thursday that they plan to dismantle the police department.

“Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the police department, to end policing as we know it,” Bender said.

Part of the speakers’ vision for a post-police world included redirecting the MPD budget toward youth programs, mental health services and addiction treatment.

Calling family, neighbors or social workers in times of crisis was also suggested.

“Police are not the right response for a myriad of issues: mental health crises, domestic violence calls, opioid overdoses,” said Council Member Phillipe Cunningham.

Cunningham says revising the city budget later this month due to COVID-19 gives the council an opportunity to explore next steps. He also said they’ll be “hitting 2021’s budget very hard.”


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