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San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf is known for restaurant workers hawking fresh crab, customers slurping up clam chowder, and plenty of tourists. And one of the newest attractions to the eclectic mix of attractions on the Wharf seems to have caught the eye and attention of those tourists. At 150 feet tall, the sky wheel not only offers excellent views for people in the gondolas, but it has also become a landmark and photo hotspot. It was moved there from Golden Gate Park in October ahead of the APEC convention in November and so far, it seems to be a welcomed addition to the waterfront. Sky Star was supposed to open in March 2020 to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of Golden Gate Park -- an event that was canceled because of the pandemic. Instead, it opened that October offering an outdoor attraction during the lockdown. But the lights of the wheel garnered complaints from residents surrounding the park. Which does not seem to be an issue at the wharf.

According to San Francisco Mayor London Breed, the sky wheel has proven to be a popular draw for the wharf."It's a great tourist attraction. It's been doing better than it's done after it moved from Golden Gate Park to Pier 39,” said Breed. According to her office, it's doubled its ridership in the five months since the move, compared to the same time frame when it was at Golden Gate Park. Her proposal to the board of supervisors would extend the lease on the wharf for 18 months.

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