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Trump's Memorial Day weekend amid pandemic spent golfing, tweeting conspiracies and insults

Trump at Golf Course

Washington (CNN)As the US death toll from coronavirus topped 97,000, President Donald Trump was spending his Memorial Day weekend doing what he'd typically do during any other time off during his presidency -- golfing and tweeting.

From threatening to "override" states if they didn't permit the reopening of houses of worship to pressuring states to reopen their businesses to restarting presidential travel -- Trump's weekend activities mark his latest attempt to return back to his presidential normal as the country continues to reckon with the toll of a global pandemic.

Weekend golfing

Trump was spotted at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia, on Saturday and Sunday. It was the first time the press has recorded a visit to a golf course since March 8.

Weekend tweeting The President appears to have also spent a considerable amount of time online over the weekend, tweeting or retweeting content from others nearly 100 times over the course of two days on his @realDonaldTrump account. The comments from Trump were wide-ranging and not necessarily focused on the pandemic. He attacked political opponents, promoted Fox News shows, and repeated his frequent criticisms of the Russia investigation while infrequently interspersing retweets of public health guidance from the federal government inbetween.


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