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Media Mahima - The Glory of Media

The literal translation of Media Mahima is "The Glory/ Miracle of Media" which is what we are all about.  A media organization that believes in relaying reliable, unbiased and engaging content to society.  A young, fresh and unfiltered perspective is what is severely lacking in this rather "commercialized", "dog-eat-dog" type of environment where the very definition and concept of the term "Media" in itself has become rather warped.  Aah! but there is hope, yet!  The team at Media Mahima, handpicked by the Late Mahima (a media visionary in every sense of the term) relentlessly strives to provide "up-until-now", "otherwise-ignored", "what-we-all-need-to-know" types of news items and stories. 

We are entirely a community-driven and community-based organization with our own fresh perspective trying to do our bit in "giving back" to society.  


As you would have already deciphered, we are a completely "out-of-the-norm" type of media and we leverage every type of media, "on-air" broadcast media, online media, "off-line"ground media and even human media to help get the "communication" going.  Now, if you are one of those who completely gets the "speaking in phrases" in order to be more expressive and communicative and if you care as much as we do about "everything-that-rocks" about our world and think "Media" should be restored to its purest and honorable glory, please subscribe and join the movement of Media Mahima.  Everyone is welcome, language no bar, sex no bar, age no bar, gender no bar.... news, views, reviews .... bring it on...


Ok - now if that does not tell you much "about us" - then just give us a holler, 408 660 6753 or 408 832 8881.  We are, but, a "phone call away"! 


"Laugh Heartily, Love Relentlessly and Give Unconditionally"

- Mahima

Our Inspiration

If you have any relevant news story, be it weather, crime or any neighborhood event that you would like us to cover, or if you have Pictures, Videos, Audio Clips, Short Stories, Movie Reviews - anything that can be shared, please email us at

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