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Media Mahima does not endorse or recommend any commercial products or services listed on this website. Inclusion of any author’s view or opinion on our website does not mean those views are shared or endorsed by Media Mahima.  Any party wishing to use any content on the website for advertising or product endorsement purposes must receive express written permission from Media Mahima editorial team.


Links to Other Sites


Some Media Mahima web pages may link to those of other organizations. Media Mahima does not necessarily endorse their policies or products. Once you move to another site, you are subject to its terms of use.


Pop-Up Advertisements


When visiting our site, your web browser may produce “pop-up” advertisements (advertisements that spontaneously appear on your computer screen).  Media Mahima does not endorse or recommend products or services featured in advertisements that “pop up” during your visit to our site.




All material written for Media Mahima is copyrighted. Visitors are free to share, distribute or transmit any work on this website under the following conditions:


  • Credit. You must prominently display a credit link to the specific article page for the content that you’ve used. The credit link used should point to the article page and not Media Mahima homepage.

  • Photographs & Images. You must obtain express written permission before publishing any Media Mahima photographs or images on your website even if a credit link is provided. 

  • Logo. You must obtain express written permission before publishing the Media Mahima logo. A credit link to Media Mahima’s homepage must be provided.

  • Non-commercial Usage. You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless given express written authorization. Content on Media Mahima’s website cannot be packaged and sold to anyone nor can it be used in its entirety as a free gift or bonus for a commercial product.

  • Media Mahima does not recommend or endorse any services, commercial products, or processes. You may not use Media Mahima publications, images, photographs or logo in a manner not approved by Media Mahima’s Editorial Team. You may not alter any Media Mahima publications in a way that jeopardizes the integrity of Media Mahima and the Media Mahima brand.

  • For information about these guidelines and to obtain permission to reproduce Media Mahima’s material or images, please contact Media Mahima at


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