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A talent hunt, to discover the hidden talent of our everyday ROCKSTARS - a homemaker or a tech whiz, a non-tech professional or even a full time student.



But... Why??? 

All work and no play, makes Jay a dull boy… we might have heard of a different version, but we are in agreement about the lesson that we learn with this adage. “Work” is good, in fact we all arrived here in pursuit of the “All American Dream” which requires hard work. Some come here to study, eventually get a job and settle down; some others come here as their skillsets are in great demand here. Having worked with many professionals and after some in depth conversations with them, we came to see the never ending cycle or loop they find themselves stuck in. The dream 9-5 Job, which brings along with is the luxury of owning or at the least having the notion(mortgages/lease) of a car and an place you call Home, suddenly becomes a nightmare. The health complications are obvious, high stress levels and the increase in diagnosis of diabetes and heart conditions in the community is only part of the problem. The really killer is the fatigue we all experience in the mind. The dull ache we all feel when we are not able to let loose and have fun. When we get lost in the mundane daily routine and shut off any creative outlet that might seem frivolous at the moment.


Our mind has a left and right have, which one is logical and which one is the creative half is debatable. But, the fact is we have two halves. When only one form of a task is fulfilled, a the day-to-day tasks, the logical half is used, which proves that if we don't actively pursue any creative activities, we are probably utilising only half of our potential. Hence it is crucial to explore and learn new things and artform like singing and playing an instrument come in handy to get the creative half some activity.


We at Media Mahima and GiG Gurus care about our bandhus’ overall well being and constantly think of ways we can enrich our lives (the bandhus and us) by putting together community activities or entertainment events that both engage and entertain us. Our very first event, which was diwali celebration in memory of the late Mahima ji. “BANG BANG” was a huge success with all our bandhus. Bandhus loved the idea of a clean concert that brought lovely music and artist. This year again, around the time of the Beloved founder and Mahima’s Birth anniversary and the occasion of the festive season, we are bringing yet another event that is sure to excite, engage and entertain our bandhus.


When we say engage, we mean engage our bandhus. This year, we are trying to get our bandhus to unleash their creativity upon the world. We all know, if you are here and making a living for yourself, you already are a ROCKSTAR. But, what we also know that inside everyone here lies a Kalakar(artist) we know this because you love to listen to all shows on Radio Dehotties and that we all have singing in our blood(ofcourse research is yet to prove this). And hence the all you singing contest, “UNDER COVER ROCKSTAR… part time kalakar, full time rockstar”

We accept entries from all over the nation and will invite the finalists to the Auditions that will be in the bay area. We pick three Rockstars for 2016 and will have them sing at events GIG gurus and Media mahima’s events. The UNDERCOVER ROCKSTARS will also get the rare opportunity to open for a famous Bollywood Rockstar this year.

Audition Intake Form


Saturday October 1st

to Learn more CLICK here!



Part time Kalakar...

             Full time Rockstar!

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