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An early Monday morning commute in the BART last week turned out to be a nightmare for a Bay Area resident of Indian origin. Union City resident 'X' (name withheld on request) was assaulted and robbed on Monday morning, a little before 6 am, with no one in the train coming forward to help him.

Recounting the incident, 'X' states that he was traveling by the San Francisco-Daly City BART and was seated in the second last compartment. The compartment was not crowded but 5-6 people were traveling along with the victim. The attack took place at Lake Merritt Station where 3 men in the age group of 22-26 years approached the victim. A causal conversation by the young men requesting for an iPhone charger quickly turned into a full-fledged assault.

The victim denied possessing a charger, upon which the attackers requested to use his phone. Sensing something was amiss, the victim politely fended off the attackers by making up an excuse of drained phone battery. The men, immediately, retreated to the back of the compartment only to emerge a minute later with iron knuckles and punch the victim's face.

For those of us unfamiliar with iron knuckles, they are large and heavy knights equipped with swords which can inflict immense damage. The victim, Mr. X began to bleed profusely despite which none of the co-passengers chose to intervene or help in any manner and continued to be passive onlookers.

The attackers fled the scene after stealing from the victim approximately $400 in cash, credit cards and an iPhone. As soon as the train halted at the next BART station the victim approached the Police who transferred him in an ambulance to Highland Hospital.

X has filed an FIR and continues to fear for his safety as his attackers are still absconding.

In response to Media Mahima's queries on the incident the BART Police has said they are probing the incident. The BART Police is examining station video footage and trying to track down the culprits by matching the descriptions given by the victim.

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