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Bill O’Reilly makes $15 million a year, according to reports. He hosts the number one rated show on all cable news networks. The O’Reilly Factor is watched by millions and yet, when asked by AdWeek about his future, O’Reilly simply said that he did not want “to work this hard much longer”. His departure from Fox News would be a massive change for the network, as he is the face of Fox News, the anchor with the highest ratings and the most viewers. Despite O’Reilly’s claims that he’s taking things day by day, his loyal following and massive ratings may force him to think otherwise. His show averaged 3 million viewers, and the second place show averaged 2.4 million. Some think that the situation with Roger Ailes will cause some Fox hosts to retire. However, O’Reilly has not yet commented on the situation. When asked about who the next Bill O’Reilly would be, he said that he “wouldn’t wish that on anyone”.

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