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The Republican National Convention has been fraught with troubles, including an anti-Trump protest breaking out on the main floor. However, the biggest headline comes from the Trump campaign, not those opposing it. Donald Trump’s claiming of the GOP nomination in dominating fashion came at the cost of the convention revealing the downsides of his campaign. As part of his crowning as the GOP nominee, Trump had his wife, Melania Trump, give a speech on Monday. Upon further analysis, the speech seemed to reflect, almost exactly, what Michelle Obama said in her convention speech in 2008. It is a significant blow to the GOP candidate, who is trying to woo donors and sell the image of a disciplined and organized campaign. This controversy, which has been dismissed by Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, displays the erratic nature of the Trump campaign. While they continually make strides towards appearing a well-oiled political machine, they just as often take steps backward, and this is a very large step backwards.

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