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Now that the fanfare and hype has died down, it’s time to get down to business. Theresa May has a daunting task in front of her, one which she has reiterated that she is committed to. Her first big test comes in the form of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Two of the most powerful women in the world are set to meet over a working dinner in Germany. In her Parliament debut early Wednesday, May argued, once again, that Brexit means Brexit, and as such, Britain will be leaving the European Union, as per the referendum results. However, she emphasized two things. First, that Britain will not be leaving Europe and second, that in order to remain with Europe, she will do her utmost to negotiate the best trade deals in order to build beneficial ties around the world, and maintain Britain’s trade income. She also underscored the idea of global expansion and not remaining enamored with their European neighbors.

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