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Wildfires continue to rage in several parts of California and over 226 people are reported missing, with the death toll consistently rising. Here are some resources to help the victims of this tragedy:

> Home Care Assistance: Is offering to help seniors in Napa and Sonoma evacuate safely and to transport their belongings. Call 925-817-0416.

> Tubbs Fire Facebook Page is looking for volunteers.

>The American Red Cross: To assist Evacuees

> Airbnb Hosts are offering free rooms.

> Influence Church Orange County is offering free food and shelter.

> Love on Haight,SFO isoffering free clothes

> Many households are effected by ongoing wild fire in the North bay area. Shirdi Sai Parivaar is coordinating to get help to these areas. YOU can help in the following ways :

1. Donate canned food (unbreakable jars only) and bottled water. Ready to eat/easy to open non perishable packaged food is preferred.

2. Supplies needed include clothes for older children and adults, blankets, new pillows,toilet paper, new underwear for all ages, packaged prepared food,pet food, baby formula.

You could drop off at Shirdi Sai Parivaar(1221 California Cir, Milpitas) lobby as soon as you can, so that we will collect and take it to Santa Rosa food bank, Marin County Shelter at San Rafael or a drop off location in San Francisco.

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