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After a banner snow and water year last winter, which ended California's drought, state water officials are now warning we could be in for another short water year. Water agencies heard from the state that they are currently being allocated 10-15% of their expected needed water supplies for 2024. The water level at the Lexington Reservoir, near Los Gatos, looked low Friday, but it’s above normal for this time of year, and the folks at Valley Water say it’s too soon to panic about upcoming water supplies.

“It’s important to note that these water allocations are updated each month, as we make our way through the water year, and really it’s the numbers in May or June that will dictate the water we are going to receive,” said Mark Gomez of Valley Water. The dam at Anderson Reservoir in Santa Clara County is still undergoing seismic upgrades and is being kept artificially low for the work. But Gomez said the reservoir will be filled to capacity again once work is completed. He added that it just the first water allocation from the state, and it’s not uncommon to come in this low initially.

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