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Bradley Beal's attempt to steal the ball from Stephen Curry with 3.3 seconds remaining turned out to be a risky move, as the Phoenix guard quickly realized. "He's the best to ever shoot it," Beal remarked, acknowledging Curry's prowess. "So you know the result after that." Despite Beal's gamble, Brandin Podziemski managed to inbound the ball to Curry. With Beal out of the play, Curry capitalized on the opportunity, sinking a 33-footer that ultimately propelled the Golden State Warriors to a 113-112 victory over the Suns on Saturday night. This marked the Warriors' fourth consecutive win and their sixth victory in seven games.

Podziemski reflected on Curry's clutch performance, noting, "Only a shot that I think he would take. A regular person would probably take a dribble or something like that."

This remarkable shot marked Curry's 10th career game-winning shot with five seconds or less remaining. Additionally, the Warriors have been involved in six games decided by a single point this season and hold a 17-18 record in clutch games, leading the league with 35 such games. Notably, all four matchups against the Suns this season were classified as clutch games.

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