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 We invite all true music lovers, hobby singers, trained singers who can sing, appreciate and enjoy good music. Any Singers, Composers, Musicians of any genre, any language, and any community will find a platform on Geet Gaata Chal to showcase their talent. 

Dinner will be served, so there would behest a small cover charge of $10 per person.Please come join us in this masti bhari mehfil. Send in your entries SOON !!!!


Hope to see you all at The Mehfil!!!


Thank you for your love

Calling all Music Lovers - Mahima's bandhus!!!


Hum lekar aa rahe hai phirse "Geet Gaata Chal" but this time it is going to be LIVE !!!! 

"A mehfil, full of fun, entertainment and masti". Instead of doing live on-air we are bringing you a jhakkaas version which is going to be a live mehfil at Studio M. Geet Gaata Chal is a Musical Talent Search Show of Radio Dehotties featuring untapped talent from across the world. This show was originally launched on the radio in March 2010 and suspended airing with the  passing of humari pyari Mahima ji. It was her find desire to always have a live Mehfil every month with bandhus who liked to sing, since she was a singer and music lover herself...


And so, now, Geet Gaata Chal is backkkkk.... It is going to be a fully dhamaal family event, you can bring in your karaoke tracks for songs you wish to sing. If you don't have tracks!!!!!  ;)  fikar not bandhujan you can sing without tracks as well.


November 19th


December 17th


January 21st


March 18


April 15





Feature Presentation

Saturday April 29th

May 13


June 03


June 24


July 08


August 19


October 14


November 04


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