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A talent hunt, to discover the hidden talent of our everyday ROCKSTARS - a homemaker or a tech whiz, a non-tech professional or even a full time student.



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What is this "Undercover Rockstar Grand Finale"?

Mahima's initiative of Undercover Rockstars (UCR) is not just about identifying good singers or performers. It has been initiated to foster the love for music and build a group of like-minded people sharing the same passion, music.  In order to foster, nourish and cherish this very passion among local talent, Team Mahima puts together unique and innovative productions - skits/ play-acts/ musicals/ song-dance routines etc. with the help of the Undercover Rockstar team.  All proceeds of every event, go to benefit a "noble cause" supported by Media Mahima whether it is raising funds to feed the homeless, or supporting programs for special needs children or helping struggling victims of Domestic violence. 


This year's Undercover Rockstar Audition finalists have already gone through a strict screening process and only 21 of the entire lot of applicants have made it to the finals which will be held on April 29th and these 21 finalists will battle it out on stage along with the Facebook funkaar wild card entrants. The audience will get to experience a musical jamboree of sorts put together by these wonderful individuals.


Now, here is where it becomes interesting... in the final auditions the participants will perform as a team and also will render their individual performances for the judges (which includes an audience vote weigh-in as well) to pick the 2017 Undercover Rockstar, one each in the male,  female and juniors category.

Is there any reason for the use of the term "GRAND FINALE"?

Yep... not only will the audience get to witness some of the Bay Area's best performers competing with one another, they will also get to enjoy one of the most UNIQUE stage productions, ever in the Bay Area...


yesssssss, the world-famous Mahima's Dulares have come up with a "one-of-a-kind" Bollywood Flavored Broadway Musical-ish stage production. Oh well, you know the kind of dhamaal that they treat the Bay Area audiences to, each day on Radio Dehotties.. it would be double that dhamaal in person!! 

When? Where? & What time?

Phew! thought you'd never ask... 

Date : Saturday April 29th 2017

Venue : 161 Nortech Pkwy San Jose 95134

Time : Gates Open at 4:00PM

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Tickets for UCR Grand Finale

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