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Michelle Obama took the Democratic National Convention by storm on Monday. Speaking on a night when the divisiveness in the Democratic Party was apparent, Obama was faced with the task of uniting the party through her speech, a task which she seemed to accomplish with grace. Through her address to the DNC, the First Lady changed the perspective of the race from one of a battle of policy to one of a role model for the children. Much of her speech was centered around her belief that Hillary Clinton would make a far superior role model for children around the country than her opponent, Donald Trump. While Obama never mentioned Trump by name, she did take a shot at his slogan, “Make America Great Again”. Obama contended that America is already great, and is in fact “the greatest country on earth”, citing the fact that she was able to raise her two black daughters in a house that was built by slaves, showcasing the progress America has made in the last 200 years.

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