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Shame, Disgust, Despair, Degraded, Sick-to-the-stomach ... are just some of the ways we have felt as women at some point in time in our lives, if we came forward and posted #metoo !

Someone posted on Facebook yesterday about the ridiculous nature of the #metoo hashtag. As expected, it was someone from the opposite gender and oddly enough, there were women “liking” his post where he lashed out against women posting with this hashtag and made the most sexist comment asking them to instead spend time with their children raising them right so they don’t contribute to the behavior that incites this #metoo revolution !!! There were more such posts all over social media knocking and hating on this hashtag since so many women, even those that you could never imagine might have endured something so traumatic, were coming up with these hashtag posts. I just want to set the record straight for all those who think this is a viral phenomenon and is not going to help in any way. This, my dear sir who ranted about how ridiculous this is, is a validation of something horrendous that happened to us. This is an attempt to come to terms with the outraging of our modesty. This, my dear cynics, is an acknowledgement of our own victimization for no fault of ours.

Let me break it down for you :

Me Too - is something where someone is speaking up about being victimized .. whether it was the ugly grabbing, pinching, brushing of our bodies that we had to endure, or the disgusting child molesting “uncles”/family friends/deviants who we had to encounter, or those lowlife “exposers” who ruined our innocence or those “dress you down naked” stares of the road Romeo’s, the college loafers, why, even your own classmates sometimes, or the non consensual sex you were forced to have by your spouse/ partner when you were not ready, or the coercion into performing an act that didn’t appeal to you, or being constantly “hit upon” by people who claim “open marriages”, or being touched inappropriately by someone, groped on the pretext of drunken behavior, being expected to offer your sex up in exchange for a business deal or just being treated as a mere pair of breasts and a vagina as if nothing else matters .....that is what someone is stating when they say #metoo !! Far too long have these things been hushed up and swept Under the rug for fear of being labeled someone who asked for it - either by the way you dress, your job, your friends, your family or just you !!!! This #metoo is to stand up and break the silence. It is also to stick it to those perverts, deviants, disgusting d**kheads ( cos think about it they are thinking from there ) and tell them that we are calling them out on it .. so that the next time one of them even thinks of Indulging in their cheap thrills, they know how pathetic their existence is ... how low they are thought of and how someone reading this #metoo post might end up literally exposing them !!!

So, my dear “spend time raising your children right” detractor, and my dear “oh- another-viral- trend” touting naysayer, this #metoo is far deeper than you can fathom. It takes a lot to move from “#whyme ??” to #metoo for a survivor. Just think about your baby girl going through even one of those situations I outlined- exactly - now you know and can connect with #metoo !

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