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HARD to GET? Not Really !!!!

As a people, most of us tend to find it uncomfortable to deal with anything out of the ordinary or different from our usual selves. Comfort Zone, Apathy, Intolerance, Ignorance are some of the possible reasons why many of us simply shy away from making an attempt to engage with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Most people think that they are “Hard-to-get” and just because they communicate “differently” or do not use the “language” we know and speak, they are “less” or “intellectually challenged” or “incapable of comprehension or perception”. On the contrary, individuals on the spectrum are highly sensitive and perceptive. They can perceive energies of those around them and reflect or react to the same in their behaviors and communication. They are “vanilla” - pure of heart, simple and uncomplicated with no pretense or false trappings of sarcasm, vengeance or prejudice. It is just a matter of treating them with the same respect and courtesy that we would afford anyone else, except with a little more empathy and patience. It is hence that at PRAGNYA for Autism we believe that Individuals on the Autism Spectrum are “NOT Hard to Get” !


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