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Chobani, Pfizer And Sap Join Running List Of Companies Pulling Facebook Ads

Advertisers continued to join the “StopHateforProfit” campaign this week by vowing to stop spending money on Facebook ads in July to pressure the company to better prevent the spread of hate speech and misinformation. 

The boycott comes after a group of organizations, the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, Sleeping Giants, Color of Change, Free Press and Common Sense, accused Facebook earlier this month of allowing “racist, violent and verifiably false content to run rampant on its platform.” The groups called on companies to pull their ad dollars from the platform for the month of July.

So far, more than 240 organizations or companies have joined the campaign, or have pulled spending on multiple social media sites including Twitter and Google-owned YouTube, even if they haven’t officially joined the boycott, according to a running list from Sleeping Giants, an ad activist spending group.

Here’s a rundown of companies that recently announced they were suspending advertising.

  • Coffee roaster Blue Bottle Coffee said it won’t run paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram for the month of July

  • Chobani announced it would pause all paid social advertising throughout July.

  • Clothing retailer Madewell said it won’t run Facebook and Instagram advertising through the month of July in support of the campaign. 

  • Pfizer said it will be removing all of its advertising from Facebook and Instagram for the month of July.

  • Software giant SAP said will not run paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram

  • Popular shoemaker Vans, owned by VF, said it won’t spend on Facebook and Instagram ads in July.

  • Vertex Pharma, a leading drugmaker for cystic fibrosis treatment, said it will stop running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram

  • German automaker Volkswagen is suspending national Facebook and Instagram ads throughout July.

All these companies are supporting the #StopHateforProfit campaign by asking Facebook to take proactive steps to ensure their platforms are safe and trusted spaces for all.


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