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A Media Mahima Presentation

A Bollywood based Broadway Style Musical featuring

Bay Area’s Undercover Rockstars

Eons have gone by, civilizations have flown by, the earth has shifted, the oceans have risen, kingdoms have fallen, technologies have emerged, and through all of these changes, how has the life of a woman changed ? Has it changed much ?


From the Treta-yuga dwelling Sita of over 20,000 years ago as documented by Sri Valmiki to the laptop-toting, tech executive/multi-tasking Supermom, Sita as documented by Mahima’s pyares, today, the story of her life, the journey, the challenges, the decisions beg of an eerie parallel, one that speaks largely of us, as a people.  It is this journey that our Suitdhar (the wearer of the modern day suit) will present for us with his able and ever-so-willing “palṭan” (herd).  


Sita’s childhood (Baal kaanḍ), her youth (sundar kaanḍ), her willingness to explore the world away from the safe confines of home (araṇya kaanḍ), her several loves, laughs and fears (kuch kuch khich khich kaanḍ), her battles as a grown woman, as a working professional, an Indian wife, a doting mother (Yuddh kaanḍ) and the crossroads she is brought to, the decisions she is faced with at almost every turn of her life (Uttar kaanḍ) reflects for everyone of us the absolute irony of Time (Samay) who changes all, who has borne witness to the epics Ramayana, and Mahabharata, today watches on as they merge into the life of our modern day Sita, as a silent spectator.

The audience in this musical has the biggest role to play.  The role of the climax writer- the role, that could end up in life altering decisions for our protagonist, the modern day Sita.  So, think not of this as a mere fairy-tale, just a show, but one that calls out to the audience to reach deep inside their very being and come up with a solution for Sita

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Written & Directed by

Mahima’s Pyares

Date : 12th August 2017

Time : Starts at 7:00PM

Venue : Evergreen Valley High School

3300 Quimby Rd, San Jose CA 95148

Cast & Crew

Pooja, Deepankar, Supriya, Srinidhi, Ganesh, Anna, Swapan, Ashu, Ritu, Almas, Sanika, Kushal, Prachee

Dance Choreography


Production Team

Varun, Ashu, Swapan, Amjad,Kavita & Kishan

All Funds raised from this event will go to benefit our Non-profit partner :
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