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A talent hunt, to discover the hidden talent of our everyday ROCKSTARS - a homemaker or a tech whiz, a non-tech professional or even a full time student.



What is this Audition all about??

"Under Cover Rockstar" as the very name suggests is an initiative by Media Mahima to uncover the hidden singing talent among us. So, if you think you can sing or you know some one who sings, then fill out the form right away, the AUDITION dates are announced as Saturday, April 8, 2017. 

Is it only Bollywood songs??

Yap... you got it, it is only Bollywood songs that you are required to sing. We all know Bollywood and eventually have grown to love this genre of music, so much so that now, there are numerous classes that teach Bollywood dance which is an integral part of any Bollywood movie. The best part about Bollywood songs and our "UNDERCOVER ROCKSTAR" audition is that you don't need to be classically trained. Some of the best singers in Bollywood like our darling Kishore Da, began without any classical base.  As long as you love to sing and as long as you can hold a note, you are welcome to audition.

What does the UnderCover Rockstar win??

A very important questions to ask, what's in it for me???  well, honestly everything. The Trophy, certificate, prize money, admiration, applause and recognition that come with winning the audition is a given. What the Undercover Rockstar also gets is a HUGE opportunity to showcase their talent along side Bay Area's rocking duo, that is Bandhus' pyares and Mahima's Dulares, Altu & Phaltu. The RockStar will also get to work with Media Mahima events including taking stage at a Bollywood concert that GiG gurus would be organizing this year. 

So.. who can participate??

Actually anybody, from the a child of age 2 to 102... we have two categories, Juniors(below 16) and adult (above 16). So if you like singing, you may me a IT professional or a Management specialist or a Home Maker,  Baker or a Music Enthusiast... you all are welcome. Come on over, register we need to hear you... 

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