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A talent hunt, to discover the hidden talent of our everyday ROCKSTARS - a homemaker or a tech whiz, a non-tech professional or even a full time student.



Audition Grand Finale Tickets

Who can participate? Eligibility:

  • Participation is open to all age ages and is not geo specific.

  • The three categories are:

    • Junior UnderCover Rockstar

      • To be eligible for the Junior Undercover Rock Star Contest:

      • Contestant must be below 16 years of age ON the date of the Undercover Rockstar  2017 Audition, which is April 8, 2017.

    • The UnderCover Rockstar (Male)

      • To be eligible for the Undercover Rock Star Contest:

      • Contestant must be above 16 years of age ON the date of the Undercover Rockstar Audition, which is April 8, 2017.

    • The UnderCover Rockstar (Female)

      • To be eligible for the Undercover Rock Star Contest:

      • Contestant must be above 16 years of age ON the date of the Undercover Rockstar  Audition, which is April 8, 2017.

  • Contestant must provide a CD/ mp3 of their track music to participate in each level of competition.

  • Only individual contestants who have not previously won the title of UnderCover Rockstar within the past two years are eligible to participate; sorry no groups or band members allowed and no use of instrumental accompaniment.

  • The Contest is open to the entire nation, participants are responsible for all costs related to their boarding, lodging, insurance and all other expenses during the contest period.


Process Flow:

  • Register for the contest online.

  • Email confirmation of receipt of entry and details regarding Live Auditions

  • All contestants are required to pick a minimum of three songs that they chose best showcases their singing ability. The contestants are required to bring their own tracks for the audition.

  • The Auditions are Conducted per these criteria:

    • The Contestants are asked to Prepare to sing with no music for a minute and a half (1:30sec) in the Semifinals round

    • The shortlisted Candidates will present one song from their list of three songs this time with the track music. The judges at anytime might require the contestant chose an alternate track.

    • No more than six top scoring candidates from each category will move into the FINALS round that will be held on April 29, 2017,  and ONE rockstar is picked from each category, based on their performance which would include the team performance on April 29, 2017.

  • The “Under Cover RockStar” awards will be announced April 29, 2017 and the following Monday will be officiated by On-Air announcements and interview on the Radio Dehotties network.

  • The Under-Cover Rockstars will get an opportunity with Media Mahima and GiG gurus for showcasing their talent at their events.


Audition for UCR 2017

The date of the screening audition is April 8, 2016. It is the responsibility of the participants to make sure they are available on the day of the auditions and the day of the finals, in the event of their selection. Failure to reach on time will be grounds for disqualification and the next participant will be picked to audition.  Participants who clear the initial rounds, will then be competing in the “open finals” performance on April 29, 2017. Participants are required to confirm their availability on both dates, prior to auditioning for the title of Undercover Rockstar.

Song & Music

Contestant must provide the music track/s that they will be singing to on the date of the live auditions.  Contestant may use a commercially produced one, or record their own. The CD/ track may include background singers and/or harmonies. The Song should include a “Mukhda” and one “Antara”.  Total length of the song may not exceed 2 minutes 30 secs. Lyrics must not contain any profanity. The song and lyrics must be memorized. (No video screen/ lyric boards/ tele-prompters may be used.)

Qualifying Rounds

Registered contestants will be invited to live auditions on April 8, 2017.  On the day of the live auditions, all contestants will sing up to 90 seconds, free-style, without track in front of the judges and each contestant will be presented with a color card which will signify the qualification level of the contestant. Qualifying contestants will sing in the semi-final round for up to 2mins and 30 seconds.  Judges, may however, choose to make their decision about the contestant in lesser than the 2 min and 30 second duration.  Contestants will be required to leave the stage if the judges indicate an early decision regarding the said performance.  Not more than six top scorers from each category of singers will move on to compete in the Finals on April 29, 2017  for the title of “UnderCover Rockstar”. It is advisable to bring multiple backing karaoke tracks on CD / mp3.

Final Audition

The finalists in each category will be required to work with the Media Mahima UCR advisor team to prepare for the finals. Aside from their solo performance, the contestant will work with other team members to present a featured team performance. In the Finals the Finalists will be given 3 mins and 30 seconds to perform and may be required to answer questions or sing a different/ alternative song based on the judges’ request.

Judging Criteria

Judging at the UNDER COVER ROCKSTAR Finals will be conducted by a combination of  performers, instructors and members of the music and entertainment industry. The Judges will pick the best performing group for the evening and also will make a choice in each category, of the UNDER COVER ROCKSTAR 2017!

Vocalists will be judged based on the criteria listed below and will receive judge’s brief comments immediately following their performance. All judges’ decisions are final.

  1. Vocal Skills: Includes pitch, breath control, dynamics, phrasing, enunciation and tone.

  2. Presentation Skills:  Includes eye contact, body expression, facial expression, attire, microphone technique and overall stage presence.

  3. Expressions / Delivery: Singer’s involvement with the song, the ability to convey the intended meaning, feeling of the song to the listener/viewer/ audience.

  4. Audience Response to Performance: Based on judge’s observations

  5. Judge’s Overall Impression of your Performance: Left to the discretion of judges

  6. Choice of Material: Contestant is encouraged to  choose the best song that would  showcase their talent/ abilities

Contest Winners

  • One winner will be picked from each of the three categories: One RockStar from the Junior Category and ONE male and ONE Female  Rockstar from the Adult Category will be picked in the process.

  • The winners will also be showcased at a minimum of two Dehotties Media and Gig Gurus’ events.

  • Winners will also get to be the opening act for a leading Bollywood performer in the month of November.

Rule & Regulations

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