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Afghanistan was rocked by an attack on its capital, Kabul. Police officials believe the attack is the work of the Taliban terrorist group targeting a government security team. Twenty-eight people are reported dead, and over 300 are reported injured, many being women and children. Sediq Sediqi, Interior Ministry spokesman, said that the bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber who drove a van filled with explosives into an adjacent parking lot. While tragic, the attacks are a sign of the Taliban’s weakness, according to commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan Gen. John W Nicholson. He says that the terrorist attacks are an indication of the fact that the Taliban are unable to meet his forces on the field, and must thus resort to such underhanded tactics.

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On both sides, the race for the Oval Office is tight. With the Democrats, Bernie Sanders is nipping at frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s heels, winning nearly every single one of the last 10 primaries. On the other side, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is poised to pull off a massive upset and push the Republican party closer to a contested convention. Cruz currently has 553 delegates to Trump’s 758, but New York’s 95 delegates could be the tipping point. While Cruz is fighting to catch up, Clinton is fighting to stay up. She won in the Empire State in 2008, defeating President Barack Obama, and hopes to do the same here. Should she win by a wide enough margin, she may well have put the presidency out of Bernie Sanders’ reach.

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Game 2 of the first round of the NBA playoffs, and the Warriors are down their star player. Stephen Curry sustained a mild injury to his ankle in Game 1, and Steve Kerr opted to rest him in order to prevent the injury from worsening. Curry’s absence from the floor on Monday night was an opportunity for the Warriors to prove why they are the #1 seed in the West. Andre Iguodala, no longer playing the star role that he did with the 76ers, provided an early burst of energy for the warriors, reminding us that the versatile basketball player has chosen to be the sixth man, and was not made to be there. Andrew Bogut contributed invaluable defense, Draymond Green racked up stats and brought hustle to the game, and Shaun Livingston was the perfect substitute for Curry, torching Houston guards and running the floor gracefully. The Warriors beat the Rockets 115-106 and now hold a 2-0 lead in the series.

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The New York primary will take place tonight and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has been touted to take it in force. Trump is leading by double digits in his hometown, and his rallies have been electric. However, while the real estate mogul is popular among upstate and rural voters, his popularity among the other demographics of this diverse city is questionable. Many view Trump’s candidacy as an embarrassment to America. Delvin James, Harlem resident, Italian immigrant, and New Yorker for the last 25 years, will vote for Hillary Clinton in the election. He says that New York has representatives from virtually every country, so it doesn’t make sense that Trump is leading when he has insulted every demographic except white Americans.

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